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Electric Panel Upgrade in Tucson, AZ

Plugged In Electric LLC in Tucson, AZ, specializes in upgrading residential electrical systems. We are a local, veteran-owned & operated company with over 20 years of experience in residential electrical service, & we can help you modernize your home & electrical system! Our primary focus is upgrading older systems to 200-amp service.

If your home is 30+ years old & has an original electrical system, it might be time to upgrade! If you are experiencing problems with your service - hissing noises, frequent circuit breaker tripping, or unexplained light flickering - we can address these issues by upgrading your current system. If you are looking to install new electrical appliances, these can push an aging system past its limits. Call Plugged In Electric LLC today for a free estimate. It's easy as PIE!

Plugged In Electric LLC is a Span panel install certified contractor! Check out the new generation Span Smart panel. It's a must-have for solar or battery power.

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When Should I Upgrade to a 200 Amp System?

Are you thinking about upgrading your electrical panel to a 200-amp system? First, you will need to consider if your system can handle an upgrade to 200 amp.

You should upgrade right away if you have a Federal Pacific Electric panel (pictured). Read about them here.

A few common reasons to upgrade your electrical panel include:

  • Modernizing a home with an older (60 amp, for example) electrical system

  • Your home is 30+ years old and has an original system

  • You notice your current electrical system makes frequent 'hissing' noises

  • Your circuit breakers trip intermittently

  • Increases your home's safety

  • You notice frequent & unexplained flickering of your lights (there haven’t been any storms causing your area to lose power)

  • Adding new appliances which could tax your existing/older system

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New Appliances That Might Tax an Older Electrical System

If your home is 30+ years old & you have an original electrical system, the addition of new electrical appliances could push your system past its limits. These appliances include:

  • Air Conditioning and/or heating systems

  • Electric vehicle charging stations

  • Spas/Hot tubs, welders

  • Air Compressors

  • Kilns

  • Electric Ranges / ovens

  • Cooktops

  • Clothes dryers

  • Water heaters

  • Tankless water heaters

  • Printers

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Benefits of Upgrading to 200 Amp Service

What are some of the benefits of upgrading to a 200-amp electrical system?

  • Main need to upgrade is that the older homes were simply not wired for today's ever evolving technologies. For Examples: computers, Ipads, laptops, cell phones, multiple gadgets that require recharging, big screen tv's in every room, power recliners, 2-3 freezers/refrigerators, space heaters, blow dryers, etc

  • To install a subpanel for add on areas such as bedrooms, offices, workshops, garages, separate guest quarters, arenas, harness solar power, etc

  • Improvement of your system's capacity for powering multiple electrical appliances at the same time

  • Modernizing an older home or system & increasing its value

  • Reduces power surges, which can improve the life of your electrical appliances

  • Increases your panel's efficiency, saving you energy & money

  • For improved safety of your house and family from any mishaps or hazards. An upgrade increases your home's safety and may reduce home insurance premiums

  • Reduces the number of overcrowded breakers & risk of electrical fires

Plugged In Electric

Other Electrical Services

  • Troubleshooting

  • Sub panel installation

  • Electric vehicle chargers

  • Remodels & additions

  • Inspections

  • Ceiling fan installation – with or without existing wiring

  • etc..