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Have you recently made the switch from a gas to an electric vehicle? If so, you've probably realized you need an electrical charger to ensure that your vehicle is ready to drive whenever you need it. Simply purchase your vehicle charger & Plugged In Electric will get it installed for you, either inside or outside your garage. We can install any brand of electric vehicle charger.

The price of gas is skyrocketing, and electric vehicles will only grow in popularity as manufacturers continue to innovate. Don't get left behind with your old, gas-guzzling vehicle. Join the wave of the future with an energy-efficient, sustainable electric vehicle that you can charge conveniently in your garage or driveway. Do you already have an electric vehicle & charger in your home? Our skilled team can also troubleshoot electrical power issues associated with these chargers.

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Benefits Of Switching To An Electric Vehicle

  • Reduce or eliminate your dependence on gasoline

  • Reduced CO2 emissions for greater environmental sustainability

  • Efficient electric motors have lower maintenance requirements than traditional motors

  • Electric vehicles are lighter & have faster acceleration

  • Tax rebates & incentives

  • Convenience of charging - at home or public charging stations

our vision for long term

Electric Vehicles Are The Wave Of The Future

The automobile industry is constantly innovating, & electric vehicles are being manufactured better & better every year. Now is the perfect time to make the switch to a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly mode of transportation for you & your family. Once you've purchased your new electric vehicle & a charger to conveniently charge it at home, contact Plugged In Electric to install your new charger. We can install any brand - we just need to know how many amps your new charger takes.

Experiencing issues charging your electric vehicle? Our team can also troubleshoot electrical power issues with your charging system.